NESTO SE is the entry point storage solution designed for professional 4K video editing and collaborative workflows.


Deliver speed, reliability, low latency, file-level access, consistent bandwidth and share your media easily in a highly reliable solution.


NESTO SE offers a solution that combines the simplicity of NAS, the performance, and efficiency of solid-state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the familiarity and simplified management of the FreeNAS HTML Web user interface, and white glove enterprise support.… Read More


NESTO NL is the optimal storage platform for data staging, backup, primary storage offload and archiving.


NESTO NL easily expands its capacity without complexity in small increments. The Self-Healing file system assures a secure and reliable long-term archive. Thanks to the user defined replication options and the ability to mix and match drives, any size from any vendor at any time, makes NESTO NL a future-proof investment. … Read More


NESTO ONE provides high-performance storage, media management and workflow automation in a unified server platform.


Deliver speed, low latency, consistent bandwidth, a rich set of management services and easy scalability in a highly reliable solution.


NESTO ONE offers a solution that combines high-performance shared storage and virtualitzed computing in a single platform. Enjoy the performance and data capacity of a hybrid NAS and the flexibility and efficiency of server virtualization.… Read More


SKYLARK 1K mini is a portable and flexible multi-format recording and streaming system.


It offers local and network-based video capture for production and post-production. From 1 input to up to 3 input HD signals, content can be previewed, exported and edited on-the-fly together with a streaming output to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wowza or any RTMP or RTP/UDP distribution platform.


Broadcast devices control such as A/V routers or VTRs is also available with RS-232/422/485 interfaces, together with optional loudness control and audio boost on the signal feeds to simplify the toughest acquisition tasks.… Read More


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SKYLARK 4000 is a Multi-Channel Time, Profanity and Transport Stream Delay Server.


Series 4000 offers you multi-functional solutions for Time Delay from seconds to several days for re-transmission after a specified time period.


Time-zone differences can easily be compensated at transmission or reception; and short delays of only a few seconds allow profanity screening in live broadcasts.


With the simple push of a button, content censors have the ability to remove video and offensive sounds before the content reaches the airwaves.… Read More


NESTO X24 is an expansion unit for NESTO 12 and NESTO 36, adding 24 disks capacity


Increase your NESTO capacity and speed easily via the 12 Gb/s SAS expansion ports without service interruption.


NESTO X24 features fully redundant I/O modules, power supplies, and cooling units, combined with a cable-less system design, providing exceptional data availability even during component failures for the enterprise environment.… Read More


NESTO 36 is an expandable storage solution designed for broadcast quality video editing and collaborative workflows


Deliver speed, reliability, low latency, file-level access, consistent bandwidth, easy scalability in a highly reliable solution.


NESTO 36 offers a solution that combines the flexibility of unified storage, the performance and efficiency of solid-state flash drives with the capacity of hard disks thanks to the openZFS file system and a white glove enterprise support.… Read More


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