AsRun Media empowers Media and Entertainment businesses to reach out their potential audiences in the most effective way. Providing the latest media software and hardware technology with purpose of use.


AsRun Media seeks to be the main software provider platform for digital media content distribution.

AsRun Media was born to facilitate the distribution of content over broadcast and streaming networks, by providing software-defined solutions that guarantee profits to the M&E companies, no matter its size.

We can advise and supply solutions, from individual items to fully integrated suites. With offices in Hong Kong and a broad network of system integrator partners, we offer a global service to the industry, as a storage supplier and a representative of software solutions.


We believe that facilitating content access helps in the construction of a matured and responsible global society.

Connecting with customers, understanding their needs and providing value through information and support is key in our processes.

We are focused on delivering customized products and services that rely on standards and highest efficiencies that fill real needs to help our customers succeed and reach their audiences.

We are open and respectful, self-critical and committed to excellence to improve day by day and solve bigger challenges to come.

These values are the basis for what we do and how we do it. Taken together, they identify AsRun Media as a company.