SKYLARK 7000 brings Instant Replay and Slow Motion to all sizes video content providers.


With up to nine 3G-HD or four UHD inputs, the SKYLARK Instant Replay Server simplifies live editing for sports and live events broadcasting. With a highly intuitive jog/shuttle and T-bar and a multiscreen output, the inputs can be easily selected while generating instant replays from frame-by-frame to 100% speed range.


Thanks to the simultaneous recording of all inputs and the Live Cut editing tool, highlight packages generation while the event is happening becomes a cakewalk.


SKYLARK 7000 also delivers playlist sequences for promos or ad insertions within the event, providing further flexibility for local events or compact operations.… Read More


SKYLARK 1000 is a powerful yet flexible multi-format SDI/ASI/IPTS Recording System.


It offers local and network-based video capture for broadcast and post-production. From 1 input to up to 8 input HD signals and up to 2 inputs signals in UHD, content can be previewed, exported and edited on-the-fly.


Schedule or manual record controlling A/V routers or VTRs, together with out-of-the-box loudness control on the signal feeds.
SKYLARK 1000 handles the toughest acquisition tasks while simplifying operations.… Read More

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SKYLARK 3000 is a powerful media server system that provides high-efficiency workflows and simplicity for broadcasting operations.


Combining file, baseband, and transport stream workflows have never been easier. SKYLARK 3000 provides comprehensive Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) capabilities, including live switching of baseband and IP sources, media file services, transcoding, back-to-back playback, loudness control, advanced graphics and simulcast with baseband and IP program outputs.


SKYLARK 3000 simplifies the creation and management of channels and enables media companies to extend their brands and content with more freedom, visibility, and control in an entirely software-based environment.… Read More