SKYLARK 4000 is a Multi-Channel Time, Profanity and Transport Stream Delay Server.


Series 4000 offers you multi-functional solutions for Time Delay from seconds to several days for re-transmission after a specified time period.


Time-zone differences can easily be compensated at transmission or reception; and short delays of only a few seconds allow profanity screening in live broadcasts.


With the simple push of a button, content censors have the ability to remove video and offensive sounds before the content reaches the airwaves.


SKYLARK 4000 provides a variety of features to seamlessly eliminate the possibility of costly content violations.

With a wide spectrum of models with various numbers of input and output pair channels, from SD to UHD SDI signals to MPEG2 transport streams, SKYLARK 4000 allows you to monetize turn-around channels in different regions and time zones as well as providing protection and compliance with regulators on live feeds and programs transmissions.


  • From SD to UHD Signals
    Multiple formats support. SDI, DVB-ASI SPTS/MPTS and IP UDP / RTP MPEG- 2/Н.264/H.265 TS.
  • Configure Playback Time Shift
    Set the desired time delay of the input feeds for different timezones.
  • Profanity Delay
    Profanity delay allows frame accurate delay for live programs.
  • Built-in Multiviewer
    Optional SDI and HDMI multiviewer output per server.
  • Modify Playback Channel Delay On-the-Fly
    Delay parameters can be modified while system is operating On-Air.
  • Time Code Markers
    Easily blur video and mute or beep audio with a click or a short-key.
  • Instant Preview of Content
    Apply changes on Proxy media right after the live feed starts.
  • Remote Ad Insertion
    SCTE-35/104, cue-tones and GPI/O reception and generation option.
  • RAID Protection of Content
    Media is protected with RAID 1 or RAID 10 for maximum confidence of the recorded content.
  • Up/Down/Cross Conversion
    Resolution and frame rate can be adjusted in real-time to the defined value in the output format.
  • Closed Caption / VANC data
    Pass-through of the input signal’s metadata.
  • 2RU Form Factor for Flexible Configurations
    Multiple channel configurations and capacity options


ProcessorsIntel® Xeon® Processor E5 v4 and Scalable series, 6 to 52 cores configurations
Memory8GB to 128GB
OS Drives2 x 256GB SSD
Media Storage512 GB to 64TB RAW
SDI Inputs3G SDI in accordance to ST 424M and ST 425M-AB
1.5G SDI in accordance to ST 292M
SD SDI in accordance with ST 259M
IP I/OHD/SD MPEG-2/H.264/H.265 UDP/RTP Unicast/Multicast over IP
ReferenceAnalog blackburst reference (tri-level or bi-level) or SDI input as reference for SDI I/O
PTP Version 2 for IP I/O
Video FormatsSD: 625i, 25 f/s, or 525i, 29.97 f/s
HD: 1080i, 25 or 29.97 f/s, 720p, 50 or 59.94 f/s
3G HD: 1080p, 50 or 59.94 f/s
Audio Inputs8 pairs embedded per SDI I/O channel
8 AES/EBU pairs per SDI video I/O channel
Audio Processing16, 20, or 24-bit PCM, 48kHz.
Time CodeNTP client over Ethernet
LTC in option
UHD Codecs1XAVC-S 420
HD CodecsDVCPro HD 100
MPEG-2, MPEG 2 422 700Kbps-100Mbps
H.264, H.264 422 200Kbps-100Mbps
SD CodecsDVCAM 25 Mbps, DVCPro 25/ 50
MPEG-2, MPEG 2 422 700Kbps-30Mbps
H.264, H.264 422 200 Kbps-20Mbps
Uncompressed audio16 bit PCM, 24 bit PCM, ADPCM
Closed CaptionsPass-through ANC data
Aspect Ratio ConversionBox, Crop and Letter. Manual or AFD enabled

ГBroadcast I/O depends on license and hardware configurations.
1Only available in UHD configurations.


SKYLARK 4000 series