Introducing SKYLARK 9000 – Your Ultimate Video Stream Converter and Router System.


Streamlining the distribution of live events or complete broadcast channels across diverse networks has never been this seamless. SKYLARK 9000 is your go-to solution for effortlessly streaming to social networks, OTT origin servers, or facilitating IPTV and Satellite distribution. With SKYLARK 9000, your reach is boundless – you set the limits.
Its advanced encoding capabilities enable you to encode SDI sources into a compressed IP stream or effortlessly transcode already compressed live IP streams.

Experience the Future of Video Distribution with SKYLARK 9000 – Where Quality Meets Versatility!



Serve as a robust network bridge, effortlessly converting between a myriad of IP video stream formats like MPEG-TS, SRT, Zixi, NDI, RTMP or HLS to cater to multiple destinations.
SKYLARK 9000 preserves the data of the original source at the output, ensuring compatibility across platforms. Whether it’s DVB subtitle tracks, SCTE-35 markers, DMTF, Teletext, or CEA-608/708 subtitles.

Tailor your video streams with ease – SKYLARK 9000 empowers you to seamlessly switch among registered sources and destinations, offering unparalleled flexibility. Whether you choose to process audio, convert between different protocols while preserving the video essence of your content, or opt for live video encoding, decoding, or transcoding, adapt to your unique requirements for every destination.

Simplify the management of live media distribution.

Key Features

  • Multiple interfaces
    Support for SDI, ASI, and IP interfaces catering to resolutions up to 4K.
  • Protocol Conversion
    Seamlessly transition between various protocols such as HLS, UDP, RIST, RTP, RTMP, Zixi, SRT, and more.
  • Audio Processing
    Real-time Loudness Control, EBU/R128 compliance, custom offset levels, and independent audio track swapping.
  • ABR profiles
    Create custom resolution, framerate, codec, and bitrate profiles to enable ABR delivery for OTT packagers..
  • Transcoding
    Reencode incoming streams to desired codecs, including H.265 (HEVC), H.264 (AVC, MPEG-4), H.262 (MPEG-2), JPEG XS, and NDI.
  • Routing matrix
    Create unlimited matrix arrays for incoming sources and destinations, facilitating seamless stream switching.
  • Metadata Pass-Through
    Pass-through for MPEG-2 ANC, Ad insertion markers (SCTE-35/SCTE-104), DVB Subtitles and embedded EIA-608/708 CC and Teletext.
  • HDR/SDR & Watermarking
    Ensure compliance with required color modes and provide Nielsen watermarking.
  • Logo Insertion
    Personalize the output stream with your custom logo.
  • Multiplexer
    Optional module to combine several Single-Program transport streams into a Multi-Program TS. Supports demultiplexing and inserting EPG.
  • Redundancy schemes
    Active-passive output sync and changeover for the highest 24/7 level of uptime requirements..


ProcessorsIntel® Xeon® Processors, 8, 24, 32 and 48 cores configurations
Memory16GB to 512GB RECC
OS Drives2 x 480GB SSD
Media StorageOptional SSD RAID for capture up to 30.72TB
ManagementWeb User Interface
Video InterfacesUp to 8 x 3G-SDI/ASI and 2 x 12G-SDI 2 x 1GbE-T and/or 2 x 10G SFP+ or 2 x 25G SFP28
Power SupplyDual hot-swap (1+1) 600W, 1100W and 1400W AC 115 to 120 V, 200 to 240 V, auto select
Dimensions (HxWxD)1RU appliance 4.28 cm x 48.2 cm x 75.83 cm
ASIEN50083-9 (coax) 0 to 214 Mbps
SDI Inputs12G SDI in accordance with SMPTE ST 2082-101 3 SDI in accordance to ST 424M and ST 425M-AB 1.5G SDI in accordance to ST 292M SD SDI in accordance with ST 259M Analog blackburst reference (tri-level or bi-level)
Video FormatsUHD1: 2160p50/60M/60 HD: 1080p50/60M/p60 1080i50/60M/60 1080p24M/24/25/30/30M 720p50/60M/60 SD: PAL, PAL-16x9, NTSC and NTSC-16x
Audio8 pairs per I/O channel MPEG-TS up to 32 streams
Video CodecsHEVC H.264/AVC MPEG-2 NDI
Resolutions3840x2160 1920x1200 1920x1080, 1440x1080, 1280x1080 1280x720, 960x720 1024x576, 720x576, 704x576, 640x576, 504x576 854x480, 720x480, 704x480, 640x480, 504x480 640x360, 480x360 360x288 480x270 320x240
Audio CodecsAAC, Dolby AC-3, MPEG-2 Audio, NDI Uncompressed 16/24-bit PCM, ADPCM
Metadata Pass-ThroughMPEG-2 ancillary packet support (SMPTE 2038) Electronic program guide in SPTS DVB Subtitles EIA-608/708 Closed Captioning (line 21) OP-42/47 Teletext Subtitles (line 16) Subtitles embedded within H.264 SEI messages SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 Ad insertion markers Time Code WSS and AFD information
Video ProcessingResolution, framerate, color space, codec and bitrate conversion Pilar, Crop and Letter box conversion Aspect Ratio effects Logo insertion Low latency mode Noise Reduction
Audio ProcessingCodec, bitrate and sample rate conversion Channel Remapping Dynamic range compression EBU R 128 Loudness normalisation2 Nielsen watermark (includes CBET)
Multiplex22 x MPTS groups with 8 SPTS MPEG-2/H.264 in each group.

ГBroadcast I/O depends on license and hardware configurations.
1Only available in UHD configurations.
2Optional module.


SKYLARK 9000 series